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We dont provide any data for our clients or associates for the purposes of advertising. We do not resell or share data contained in cookies or other files. Thus maintaining the cohesion of the portal.

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Use cookies

  • This site uses cookies -  We use information stored in cookies for maximum convenience in using our site. They can also benefit from our research and advertising companies - Only within the framework of the Polish GIODO permissions. If you agree to the information contained in the cookies click on "x" in the upper right corner of this information - banner. If you do not agree, change your cookie settings in your browser.
  • Invisible text - The site does not contain hidden text from the borderline of GRAY HAT SEO and BLACK HAT SEO elements that promote the page in search results. We do not use Cloaking and unfair positioning here.

Not to disclose information to other entities

  • We protect your data -  Your mails, phone numbers, own names, company names - constitute intellectual value. You can be sure that the data left on this page. They will never be passed on to other parties - including third parties. We do not pass on third party data for marketing purposes as well.