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 /keyphrase,  keyword,  keydensity/
in such a way that robots passing through them will gradually search for phrases and words and gradually build up the density from less relevant to more accurate search by content.

Do not create artificial compaction that does not match the content of the page. This can end with a permanent ban on the site. And in the final solution, a permanent removal from the search results.

Use CSS for word positioning, anchor for phrase and ALT for positioning through the included graphics and images

"Organize individual pages in folders, organize graphics into folders, create two sets of folders for en version, and separate pl. Sometimes, when the situation so requires, it is good to position Metadata mixed, ie Polish-English which gives a good general effect. The page is then universally positioned. It helps to refresh the page, with the idea to further develop the profile."


Why Spinaker Method ?

   This method allows you to position the site in a more efficient and effective way in the long run.

   The site starts in the beginning - 11 to 9 and then 3-1 in positioning for a particular marketing phrase.

GRADATION of open positions in search engines

OPTIMAL portal structure - file weights and content layout

UNIQUE content and marketing position

UNIQUE effective descriptive portal

Browser search ensures optimum structure, high level of descriptor is Spinaker method . Each portal should have a unique way of selecting metadata / descriptive elements.  

Spinaker algorithms make it easy...



allowed and optimal use of the content of the site for positioning according to search engine rules, no breaking rules allow you to achieve results in the long run.


positioning on the border White Hat SEO - Black Hat SEO. Lightweight keyword termination. Increasing the strength of words by a specific page location. Difficult to determine if someone is using  White Hat SEO whether Gray Hat SEO.


use of unethical methods in positioning, use all possible ways. Hiding both text, links and word combinations does not make sense. This page is created under search engines, not users. This can lead to the removal of the page permanently from the search results.