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Several dozen useful concepts in positioning below are useful concepts for creating a website, building an online presence on the web. Knowing these issues, you get a good site structure because of the need to get effective search engine rankings.

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  • Alt - an alternative description of images and graphic elements. It should be suppressed with keywords and describe the correct content of the image.
  • Anchor text - the text that appears as a link within the tags <a></a>. Include the keywords under which the page is positioned. Useful in positioning also using the so-called. Anchor / links within the text /.


  • Ban - constantly removing a page from search results for violating the search engine regulations.
  • Black Hat SEO - use of unethical methods in positioning, the use for this all the possible ways. Hiding both texts, links and word combinations do not make sense. This page is created under search engines, not users. This can lead to the removal of the page permanently from the search results.
  • Bot  - a mechanism to view and index the content of pages in the search engines.


  • Cloaking - replacing another version of the robots page with the other users.
  • Content - the entire contents of the page: content, page title, metatags, altes for images, title for links, file names e.g.  It is worth creating a comprehensive content plan
  • Cataloging - placing links to pages in web directories.

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Effective advertising

Creating more links with other sites is a good way to generate traffic to your website. It follows that the rules that have more pages are better than too long pages. 

Do you know PageRank no longer matters?

Another fact that the PageRank indicator is not available in your own Google Chrome browser - launched in 2008. Visible page rank is currently being updated very rarely. The last known change took place in November 2013. October 2014, Matt Cutts announced that another PageRank update would apparently not be...


Example of the help panel keywords, title sites html / graphic See panel


Remember pages according to WEB-stat search first icony / favicon.png NAME - image

How to create websites effectively? Create a hierarchical-linear schema of your portal so this document will help you to develop a website positioning plan.