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allowed and optimal use of the content of the site for positioning according to the rules of the search engines, not breaking the rules allows to achieve results in the long run.


positioning at the border SEO White Hat SEO - Black Hat SEO. Lightweight keyword termination. Increasing the strength of words by a specific page location. Difficult to determine if someone is using White Hat SEO or Gray Hat SEO.


use of unethical methods in positioning, using for all possible ways. Hiding both text, links and word combinations does not make sense. This page is created under search engines, not users. This can lead to the removal of the page permanently from the search results.

Content - all content of the page: content, page title, metatags, alt-y for images, title for links, file names. It is worth creating a comprehensive content plan.

Anchor in the link - an anchor that informs the content of the page it refers to, instead of "read on" it is better to use a "piece of text" when referring to the page that links the link.

Optimized page code - the look of the site is defined in the external files exchange of links and banners with related services - a link from a related topic is more important than a link from a completely different topic.

Please refrain from navigating in JavaScript or Flash - network robots do not support these formats, so they will not be able to reach all subpages.

Optionally add ALT descriptions to the graphic  - consistent with the content of the page and the item.


Although the practice of GrayHat SEO are on the risky side, they may be more beneficial than standard white SEO methods - it will just reward you in return for the risk. A good example from Gray Hat SEO is the purchase relationship. Google specifically prohibits your site from participating in link exchange programs.

The site may receive a spam penalty for up to several months.

Cloaking- replacing another version of the robots page with the other users. Presenting search engine robots with a crafted version of the page. Works like Google can access our site from another, unknown IP, and then our fraud will be detected. Keywords actions: 

keyword accumulation - excessive number of keywords can have the opposite effect and will worsen our position on google. Keywords that do not match the content.

words included in META KEYWORDS  they must agree with the content of the page, can not be taken from the air hiding keywords - hide text on background of the same color, or use display: none in CSS is not allowed.