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How to create websites effectively

Creating a hierarchical-linear schema of your portal will help you create such a page layout plan.                 It will make it easier for data mining organizations to find data... an example was made in Open Office


Website - structure and organization

Each page has a structure, regardless of what to do with it, all art is to create order that will allow you to achieve your goal.

Attempting to break up the grid structure can provide greater variability and allow for greater creativity, but visual logic is important.

The three basics of page design are text, image and space that can be found in different combinations, but the golden rule is a complete understanding of what we want to convey, communicate.



On the web nothing is going on in isolation, every element in the visual field is related to other elements. Interactivity of everything.


The empty space is very important: margins between lines and columns, areas around the pictures and at the end of the text - allow the system to breathe, and the grids we create manage to attract attention.

Graphic optimization


See a great tool for PNG optimization. Portable Network Graphics


PUNY PNG can compress file size even without total loss of shadows and transitions.

PNG graphic files (Portable Network Graphics) - raster image file format. You can optimize to a relatively small size which will improve your page speed. 

Although currently used internet speeds do not pose problems with displaying even large graphics.