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Advertising size and creation rules.

In the footer / footer section we put links and banners free. 188X188px-for banner
and txt link or anchor text. / in right from footer /

Advertisement - Cooperation of advertising exchange

Completely free - in subject...

  • If you own a website about SEO -  If you have an SEO site or generally a portal for positioning, optimization or you are a web developer. We will place banner-link advertising within the smaller portal, completely free.
  • Loyalty program - Includes free banner exchange - links, animated ads with respect to the rules of the capacity. We suggest you place our banner on your SEO, SEMI or blog site.

Minimum payment for advertising software

  • For SEO tools and webmasters tools-  We suggest that you advertise your products at the designated locations on our site, for $ 0.53 per month / $ 6.36 per year available on
  • Other utility programs-  You can advertise with us, your webmaster tools, add-ons for these utilities, or Windows and OS utilities for $ 1.44 per month. No annual commitment.